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      Global Brand P.F.Chang's  
    Global brand - P.F.Chang's
    P.F. Chang¡¯s is a global restaurant chain with over 200 full-service restaurants in the U.S. and approximately 40 restaurants in 15 countries.

    ¡®Popular, Trendy and Unique¡¯
    These words are what most P.F. Chang¡¯s loyal customers usually think of when it comes to P.F. Chang¡¯s. So far, P.F. Chang¡¯s has evolved into the most popular and comfortable restaurant, keeping its own uniqueness and setting the trend. It¡¯s been one of the best places for celebrating a special occasion or family gathering. Many people have named P.F. Chang¡¯s as one of the greatest restaurants they want to recommend to others. Based on its strong brand power, P.F. Chang¡¯s has been earning popularity around the globe.

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