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      P.F.Chang¡¯s World Best Menu : Top10  
    Menu Description
    P.F. Chang¡¯s signature appetizer Wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, green onions and water chestnuts over crispy rice sticks, with crisp lettuce cups
    Lettuce leaves are prepared one by one every day. Thelettuce cups can be refilled anytime without any additional charges. Come and try P.F. Chang¡¯s best-selling menu.
    CHANG'S FRIED RICE (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef, Pork, Combo)
    Menu Description
    P.F. Chang¡¯s signature fried rice stir-fried with various vegetables and meat(Chicken, pork, beer, shrimp or combo)
    Rice cuisine which cannot be missed in Asian menusChang¡¯s Fried Rice is not oily so that it goes well with any other menus. Customers can select the ingredients they want with additional charges.
    Menu Description
    Crispy wontons filled with crab, bell peppers and green onions, with spicy plum sauce
    Aren¡¯t you wondering what the blend of cream cheese, crab meat and plum sauce would taste like?The perfect harmony of creamy crab meat with plum sauce creates a fantastic taste.
    Everyone¡¯s favorite Crab Wontons! It is one of the must-try menus.
    Menu Description
    Well-done beef slices stir-fried in a unique P.F. Chang¡¯s sauce .
    It is the most popular menu in the ¡®Wok Classics¡¯ category. With rich flavor and aroma, this Mongolian-style BBQ satisfies all customers.
    LO MEIN (Chicken, Shrimp, Beef, Pork, Combo)
    Menu Description
    Savory soy sauce tossed with wok-seared egg noodles and fresh vegetables (Chicken, pork, beer, shrimp or combo)
    Come and enjoy P.F. Chang¡¯s stringy egg noodles. This dish is also very nutritious with various vegetables, meat and seafood. If you want vegetables only, say it to your waiter when you order.
    Menu Description
    Handmade dumplings served with a special dumpling sauce, served steamed or pan-fried
    P.F. Chang¡¯s dumplings are offered in different shapes depending on ingredients. For example, shrimp dumplings are square-shaped while vegetable dumplings have a round shape. Among them, crescent moon-shaped pork dumplings are most popular.
    Menu Description
    Sweet & spicy chili sauce with tender, bite-sized chicken
    It may sound very spicy, but it offers a perfect blend of spicy, sour and sweet tastes. Chang¡¯s Spicy Chicken is one of the best menus, in which P.F. Chang¡¯s proud Baoxiang can be enjoyed in person.
    CRISPY HONEY Chicken
    Menu Description
    Lightly battered in a sweet and tangy honey sauce
    The world¡¯s favorite crispy honey chickenP.F. Chang¡¯s Crispy Honey Chicken is served with crispy rice sticks. It is fun to enjoy the sweet and crispy chicken over the savory rice sticks.
    Menu Description
    Savory and spicy chicken with P.F. Chang¡¯s special sauce
    As one of P.F. Chang¡¯s Wok Classics menus, it offers great taste and texture. Come and try spicy and tasty Kung Pao Chicken.
    Menu Description
    Crispy and savory chicken stir-fried with broccoli and red bell peppers in a sesame sauce
    The foods in diverse colors are good for health. Sesame Chicken offers a fantastic taste in a perfect blend with vegetables in diverse colors and sweet and spicy sauces. Lastly, a pinch of sesame is sprinkled on the chicken.
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