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    Global brand P.F.Chang's Recruit (entry level & experienced)
    ¡°We are truly glad you are here, and we will do everything we can to make you want to come back¡±.

    Dept. Duty No. of Employees Wanted Description
    Hospitality Host 00 Customer response and reservation
    Server Menu taking & serving
    Bartender Cocktail & drink
    Back Waiter Service support, materials and inventory control
    Culinary Wok 00 Cooking at a stone oven
    Pantry Appetizer and dessert preparation
    Drahma Preparation of materials for wok cooking
    Dish Dish washing and sterilization
    Prep Preparation of food materials

    ¢ºEntry level & experienced
    ¢ºBoth men and women
    ¢ºThose with a major in the related field of study preferred
    ¢ºThose with work experience in the related fields preferred
    ¢ºRelated license holder preferred
    Work conditions
    ¢ºWork days: 5-day work week / flexible time system
    ¢ºTerms of wage: According to the corporate regulations - decided after the interview
    ¢ºEmployment type:Full-timer / part-timer / intern

    ¢º Manager: 02-3466-3896 / sehee0710@elx.co.kr

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