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      Chef's Corner  
    "Philip Chiang" founder and menu consultant

    Philip Chiang, a founder of P.F. Chang¡¯s, was born in Shanghai. He drew up in Tokyo and later moved to San Francisco. In the early 1960ss, his mother opened a Chinese restaurant ¡®the Mandarin¡¯. It was the first Chinese restaurant which served local foods in addition to Guangdong cuisine in the U.S. The Mandarin became famous as a high-end restaurant. Empowered by the success, it opened its second restaurant in Beverly Hills.

    After graduating from the Department of Fine Arts at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, he ran the Mandarin for years. Later, he opened the Mandarin¡¯s branch restaurant ¡®Mandarette¡¯ in West Hollywood. This smaller, less-expensive, cafe-like restaurant offered Grazing Food. This menu became a mega hit, and Paul Fleming, a restaurant owner, was fascinated with this food. In 1992, Chiang signed a consulting service agreement with Mr. Fleming¡¯s Chinese restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. One year later, P.F. Chang¡¯s finally opened. Now, it operates 200 restaurants around the globe.

    At present, Mr. Chiang is a cuisine consultant at P.F. Chang¡¯s. He devotes all his energy to menu development under the motto of ¡®We develop and serve customers¡¯ favorite foods which can¡¯t be found elsewhere¡¯. He also is a menu manager who has led the development of new menus.

    "Yuji Iwasa" Menu development chef

    Chef Yuji Iwasa is the Head Development Chef for P.F. Chang¡¯s. A former native of Los Angeles, California, Chef Yuji is a culinary veteran who began working in restaurants in his early teens. Spanning over 20 years in the restaurant industry, Chef Yuji has done it all, from dishwasher all the way to executive chef, and from QSR to fine dining.

    After culinary school, Chef Yuji honed his craft in some of L.A.¡¯s hottest restaurants, along with developmental staging in NYC, Tokyo, Paris, and Florence, all of which influence his approach to food today. ¡°My passion toward cooking is to keep things simple; where respect for ingredients and craft allow for natural flavors to shine through.¡±

    Chef Yuji, his wife Suzy, and their twins Sydney and Karys moved to Scottsdale when he joined the P.F. Chang¡¯s family in 2011. When not pursuing his true passion of cooking, Chef Yuji enjoys dining out, listening to all genres of music, and lounging at the local bookstore.

    ¡°Culinary creativity is really important to me. I like to see people have fun with a dish, and bring their own experiences and memories into the recipe. Tell me a story.¡±
    "Choi Hyeong Jin" Korea¡¯s No.1 culinary team leader and head chef

    Choi Hyeong-jin known as Korea¡¯s leading culinary team manager, is a young innovation leader of Korean-style Chinese cuisine. He won a prize in various international culinary competitions in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2012, he two gold medals at Singapore Culinary Challenge 2012 and was honored to be named ¡®the youngest certified international master chef¡¯.

    He has learned various cooking techniques and skills at deluxe hotels and famous Chinese restaurants. Through continuous menu development, he always works hard to come up with innovative and creative P.F. Chang¡¯s cuisine.

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