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      Brand Story  
    We adhere to the following philosophies to ensure ‘the Optimal Dining Experience’ to all our customers.

    Family-Style Dining
    Just like Korean dining culture, Chinese people enjoy sharing various foods with their family on a dinner table. Unlike common western restaurants, P.F.Chang’s offers family-style dinning. Enjoying a variety of dishes with your family and friends, you may soon realize ‘how to share food with others’ is more important than ‘what to eat’.

    In P.F. Chang’s food, taste, texture, color and aroma are complementary to each other. Come and experience exquisite dining in an enchanted atmosphere.

    ‘BaoSyang’ literally means ‘the explosion of flavour’ in Chinese. It is a critical process to enrich the flavor of the dish in high flame. P.F. Chang’s adheres to BaoSyang, taking it as one of the most important cooking processes.

    Fan & T’sai
    The ‘Fan&T’sai’ principle refers to a balanced diet. ‘Fan’ refers to rice, noodles and dim sum while ‘T’sai’ means vegetables, meat and seafood. A perfect blend of these ingredients can bring ‘the Optimal Dining Experience’.

    The employees of P.F. Chang’s help you have a balanced meal with the knowledge of ‘Fan&T’sai’ principle.

    Wok Hay
    ‘Wok Hay’ literally means ‘Wok’s Breath’. It refers to the peak of flavor of ingredients right after cooking is finished. We serve all dishes within 2-3 minutes as soon as they are out to have our customers feel ‘Wok Hay’. It is our commitment to provide the best food in terms taste, aroma and texture.

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