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      Brand Story  
    Asian culture is P.F. Chang¡¯s critical identity. Come and enjoy exquisite cuisines and charming Asian culture.

    The Mural
    All P.F. Chang¡¯s restaurants (210 restaurants in the U.S., and 40 around the world) have their own murals. These wall paintings are traditional design factors which can be found in P.F. Chang¡¯s. Painted by a painter in a traditional manner, they depict scenes of China and Asian culture. They are full of vibrant color and so delicate that they would be explained with notes. If you visit P.F. Chang¡¯s, ask the employee about the murals. You may be able to hear some fun and interesting stories.

    Mural story in P.F. Chang¡¯s LOTTE World (Korea¡¯s first P.F. Chang¡¯s)
    P.F. Chang¡¯s LOTTE World, Korea¡¯s first P.F. Chang¡¯s, has two different murals: Trees Mural and Dragons Mural. Each mural has its own story.

    The poem written on the Plum blossoms tree painting translates:
    Last year I saw a branch scented with a red fragrance;
    Faintly, I imagined red corollas with little makeup.
    Today, in the palace garden, such colors abound.
    Perhaps, without knowing it, I prayed to the god of spring.
    Quatrain on a Spring Garden by Emperor Li-TsungThe mural depicting 2 styles of plum and rocks with lichen affixed to their surfaces represents fortitude,rejuvenation and longevity.

    ¡°if we read such paintings simply as decorative in overall character... we shall fail to understand them asrealms of nature functioning as echo, idealization and inspiration. Like great mountains and flowing rivers, birdsand flowers and trees and rocks evoke reflection and invite reverie. They calm the mind and take us beyondthe mundane dusty realm of existence¡±.

    All that being said, they were also painted as decorative pieces to cover the walls of palaces and were oftenpainted by artists without a specific commission because they knew they could sell them.
    There is a small white elephant hidden in this painting.

    The five dragons in the painting for Seoul Korea location are taken from a scroll titled ¡®Nine Dragons¡¯.
    I am going to describe them according to the color I have painted them (although in the original it is just a blackinkwash with no particular color).

    The Blue dragon¡¦¡±Amidst the uncertainty and confusion of inundating waves and shifting clouds, this dragonhas just grasped the pearl of wisdom. With it¡¯s wide open eyes and smiling face, this dragon appearsexuberant, as if it had just plucked the moon from the sky.¡± And and exalts in achieving lifes most difficult task? catching the pearl of wisdom Orange dragon¡¦¡±Like the Greek demigod Prometheus, this dragon appears condemned by heaven, for it was¡°arrested¡± at a dark cliff crated by the magic power of the Thunder God. Grinding its teeth and stretching itsclaws, the dragon tears at the slippery cliff as if struggling to free itself.¡±

    White dragon¡¦¡±was called the oldest in the painting. It is trying to educate its offspring above the clouds¡¦andis depicted with missing teeth, a thin, white mane, and a sagacious expression¡±

    Green dragon¡¦¡±is the ¡®youngster¡¯ receiving instruction from the white dragon.¡±

    Purplish red dragon whose head just appears is ¡°once again going to ascend to the heavens¡±

    The varied expressions of the dragons, their movements and interplay with different elements of nature-cliffs,clouds, mists and waves-are manifestations of the Dao. The contrasting nature of the solid rock and cliff on theone hand, and the fluid ever changing waves and clouds on the other accord with the fundamental concept oflife as the interaction of 2 forces: Yin (the negative, receptive, or feminine principle) and Yang (the positive,creative, or masculine principle.)

    The dragons in the scroll may also be interoperated as one entity experiencing transformations in shape,emotion, age, and wisdom.

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