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      Brand Story  
    Asian culture is P.F. Chang’s critical identity. Come and enjoy exquisite cuisines and charming Asian culture.

    Terra cotta Warriors and Horses
    There are some unique and exotic interior designs inside and outside the restaurant. Customers visiting P.F. Chang’s can encounter the restaurant’s signature interior from the entrance. A huge horse statue welcomes you at the entrance. Once you entered the restaurant, you would be amazed at the splendid Terracotta Warriors.

    The Terracotta Warriors (approximately 8,000 warriors) was discovered in 1974 by local farmers. This army was buried in battle formation in BC 210-209 to guard the mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Xi'an. The warriors are as tall as 165-180cm with a different face and facial expression. They held real weapons of the time, and the bridles were made of bronze.

    The mausoleum accommodates a palace which was full of precious jewelry and treasures and beautiful pavilion. They were safeguarded by automatically triggered weapons designed to thwart tomb robbers. At the end of the construction, a hug number of laborers buried alive within it to keep it a secret.

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