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      About Us  
    As ¡®America¡¯s number one Asian Bistro¡¯, P.F. Chang¡¯s is the world¡¯s famous international restaurant chain. P.F. Chang¡¯s opened its doors in 1993 at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 210 full-service restaurants in the U.S., it is now one of Americans¡¯ most favorite restaurants. It also operates about 62 international locations in 20 countries.

    P.F. Chang¡¯s features a blend of high-quality, Asian-inspired cuisine and American hospitality in a sophisticated, contemporary setting.

    The menu features traditional Chinese offerings and innovative dishes that illustrate the influence of Southeast Asia on modern Asian cuisine.From the exotic aromas rising from the sizzling 600-degree Woks, P.F. Chang¡¯s serves bold Asian inspired flavors fast and fresh, all the time. P.F. Chang¡¯s ultimate goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing high-quality cuisine in a lively and romantic atmosphere with personalized and intimate services.
    Philip Chiang, the founder of P.F. Chang¡¯s, has realized its vision of ¡®We develop and serve customers¡¯ favorite foods which can¡¯t be found elsewhere¡¯. For this, he has developed refined menus with the taste of the nature. The chefs in Korea have also provided perfectly balanced high-class cuisines in terms of taste, aroma, color and texture. P.F. Chang¡¯s has an open-aired kitchen so customers can see their food being prepared.

    The Message
    ¡°We are truly glad you are here, and we will do everything we can to make you want to come back¡±.

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